Say on excessive pay

I made a comment last week, in a Swedish  news paper, about bonus and excessive pay to directors in companies that been loosing value and money. I talked about the situation in general and I remarked that i´ts in my opinion is necessary in this cases to try to talk to the directors and try to negotiate an agreement of paying back or decrease bonus if the result for the company is very negative. In cases like AIG it could be useful to withhold payments until it´s totally clear that the figures not has been manipulated in favour to decrease bonus payments. I said that, in specific cases, payments could be necessaryto frees payments and risking court actions. A part of my comment was misquoted. I was not proclaiming a need to take people to court in purpose to take payments back as a general rule. I´t has come to my knowledge that this article my be repeating the miss qoute.  As my knowledge in Baltic an Eastern language unfortunately is very limited i´ts hard for me to know but I just wish to clearyfie  that my comments was made i general and it should not be reed as a guideline how Swedbank is going to be handled by Folksam.

Skriver detta pg av att affärspressen i Baltikum har citerat mig från förra veckan. Jag vidhåller mina åsikter men jag vet inte tillräckligt om situationen i Swedbanks Baltiska och Ukrainska rörelser för att kunna ha en klar uppfattning i frågan. Det blir en viktig uppgift för den nya styrelsen och ledningen att hantera ersättningsfrågor inte bara på hemmaplan utan också i de utländska dotterbolagen.

Lite roligt att se mitt namn i rysk stavning : Карина Лундберг Марко, litauisk: Karinos Lundberg Markov och  lettisk: Karīna Lundberga – Markova